Taverna “An to Petyxeis” is not a typical tourist restaurant. As such, you might not find foods like Moussaka, Pasticcio or Calamari on the menu. Instead, you will find traditional home-made recipes passed down from generation to generation; we use the same ingredients as our great grandparents.

Here, you will find food like “Chondros”, Zuchinni whith potatoes and eggs, Artichokes with giant white beans, Kalitzounia – (fried cheese and herb pies) and many many more specialties.

To prepare the food, Michalis and Monica use home-grown vegetables from their own crop in their dishes and draw on their farm for meat and other protein. They serve lamb, goat, chicken, and rabbit. They also prepare their own cheese and yogurt products. All food is prepared with cold-pressed olive oil, which Michalis and Monica harvest themselves during the winter. Moreover, the food they offer comes with Raki and red wine, which is made from their own grapes.