Address: Moni Selinou, Epar. Od. Chanion РSougias, Kandanos Selinos 730 09

Phone: +302823051355 / +306974100789 / +306970363440



Moni village is only 4km from Sougia Beach, which is also a village near the Libyan coast with its translucent water. This is an ideal starting point to explore this authentic region.

Nearby, you can visit the Church of Agios Nicholaos, which is a Byzantine church with intricate wall paintings of the famous painter Pagomenos (1316 AD). Moreover, you may also want to visit the Church of Panagoia Ths Kiras; this church has one of the most beautiful bell towers in Crete. Finally, you can also hike to the Pyramid (a very mysterious monument, unique in Crete. It is a small conical pyramid with a circumference of 16m and a height of 4.6m, which is carved. The interior has a carved room with dimensions 2.20m x 2.10m and height 1.40m. ). Moni offers a perfect base for walking and hiking through several villages. You can also walk the famous Agia Irene Gorge, the Samaria Gorge.